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  • The 121st Canton Fair

    15th-19th April, 2017, Senken Group Co., ltd have attended the 121st Canton Fair, we have shown our main security products such as vehicle signal light bar, small warning lights, siren, speaker, personal anti-riot equipments, ballistic equipments, police body camera . In these days we have meet more than one hundred old and new customers, they are very interested in SENKEN brand with its very good quality products. Especially the new technology products police body camera. Most of them are going to try the samples and do the promotion in their market.

    2017/4/20 9:41:56

  • New party secretary Jiangyong Zhou visited SENKEN

    On the morning of March 28th, the Wenzhou municipal Party committee secretary Jiangyong Zhou was accompanied by the Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary General Jun Wang, Lucheng Party Secretary Wuwen Li, mayor Xiaofeng Hu, deputy mayor Dingen Huang and some other city or district leaders who came to Wenzhou City, focusing on cultivating enterprise, high growth enterprises, Lucheng District meritorious service enterprises – SENKEN Group for investigation, company chairman Shisheng Chen and President Mingyong Jin received them. Secretary Jiangyong Zhou and other leaders listened carefully to the business situation, inquired about the development status and planning, also visited the exhibition hall with high interest, he was keeping nod his head when hearing the person in charge of the enterprise said that many products of company in the absolute leading position in the domestic market, and stopped to watch highly intelligent "dynamic law enforcement forensics system" and "intelligent lights" the product showcase, had a detailed understanding. Secretary Zhou affirmed the SENKEN hard work over 20 years , and has made contribution for China security and police service protection. Encouraged that actively implement the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, increase investment in innovation, the development of information technology and intelligent products and services, as well as actively docking capital markets, plans to market. Also pointed out that Wenzhou should make the city industrial economy better, further agglomeration of high-end elements, form a good situation like enterprise transformation and upgrading, urban transformation and development of mutual promotion . Encourage enterprises to continue to play the industry leader role model, and make greater contribution to promote the progress of industry and local economic and social development.

    2017/4/10 15:18:31

  • The 13th International Defence Exhibition & Conference Abu Dhabi( IDEX)

    IDEX is the largest defence exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region. Since its inception in 1993,the event has followed a path of continuous improvement and provides and ideal platform for networking with senior military leaders,decision makers, and representatives of leading international companies.In addition, visitors to the event can gain first-hand experience of the latest industry developments and cutting-edge defence solutions. Senken Group Co.,LTD participated and impressed by the outstanding conference, as befits the status and reputation of this exhibition. We’re proud of get support offered by many customers partner and build new business relationship here. It’s great honour to work hand in hand with customer, building a stable and thriving business in the future.

    2017/3/2 11:22:15

  • Chinese new year holiday

    Dear Friends, It has been a wonderful experience working with you and thank you for your kind support for Senken in the past year. We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, and look forward to continue cooperation with you. Senken breakdown for Chinese Spring Festival is from Jan.23th to Feb.6th. Sinerely from Senken

    2017/1/21 16:29:03

  • The 13th International Defence Exhibition & Conference


    2017/1/21 16:15:44

  • Product Training

    Our international sales team was trained in the showroom today. The engineer Mr. Ruan introduced the intelligent lightbar including camera systems to help police officers to obtain the evidence in the highway. The intelligent lightbar with camera controlled from computer and the software solution with new technology for police department application would be newest product from Senken. And Senken new ESD controlled workshop for body cameras, intelligent lighbars and camera data management machine impressed the team members.

    2016/12/24 8:49:53

  • The 120th Canton Fair

    The Canton Fair, known as China’s import and export fair, is the largest and most influential trade fair in China . Since 1957, it has been held annually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. Senken Group Co.,Ltd , which is the top manufacture of warning lights and tactical products in China , we constantly update new models and provide every customer superior quality products at competitive price. In this 120th China’s import and export Canton fair ,Senken have shown our latest product to many old and new customer from all over the world , we enjoy high reputation from customer's feedback and harvest a lot of new customers in 5 days. We treasure every oppotunity to meet you and willing to show our hospitality . See you next Canton Fair!

    2016/10/25 14:45:45

  • Wireless Electronic Siren S930

    Feature Reverse protection. 9-32V wide voltage range. Highest output power reaches 400Watts. Compatible speakers with different impedances. More than 10 kinds of tones could be produced with dual channel speakers. With the latest digital amplifier,high efficiency,low distortion,low noise,wide dynamic range. Could be connected with wired or wireless control handle,and also with police vehicle control platform,to make various of control methods. 4,6,8,11Ω loudspeakers are adopted. With monitoring function,drivers are able to hear the slight sounds from outside of car,without opening the window. Include common police alarm,mixed alarm etc. 10 kinds of tones ,could be broadcasted by dual channel loudspeakers,tones are also customizable. The volume of warning,microphone,monitoring,radio etc. can be adjusted  independently. The voice of microphone and sensitivity of monitoring can be be adjusted by remote independently.  Starting up with Car ACC ignition. Siren works when pressing “Horn” button,standby mode starts when parking. External audio input function is allowed,such as radio. Show buzzer running status. Provide fault codes instruction. Two light control channels.

    2016/7/21 15:26:38

  • The 119th Canton Fair

    China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of 59 years since 1957. The Fair is a comprehensive one with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China.

    2016/4/27 11:45:44

  • In addition to the above advantages, What else advantages does DSJ - B6 Police Body Camera have?

    Consider the development of the national law enforcement to be standardization work, the basic law enforcement has been widely used by the law enforcement recorder(Police Body Camera), collect evidence, records of all kinds of events disposal site conditions, in order to realize the civilization on duty, regulate law enforcement, prevention and reduction of law enforcement to be lax, improper.In the market, the performance of Police Body Camera is now taking the lead in the industry, the Senken group product always providing reliable quality, stable performance, technologically advanced law enforcement equipment products, set up its own brand influence in the field of police equipment, it have widely use in law enforcement many places. Senken Group as a law enforcement recorder industry leader, we not only have our own professional r&d team, production lines and inspection workshop, and, no matter from the mold development, the function of the product, raw materials procurement and production, outgoing inspection and so on each link, is to and strictly controlled independently by ourselves.The latest production of DSJ - B6 as single police law enforcement audio recorder, it is the most prominent advantage in the stability of product performance and main technical sophistication and comprehensive functions. In addition to the above advantages, What else advantages does DSJ - B6 Police Body Camera have? 1, B6 DSJ - Police Body Camera is the collection video, pictures, recording is one of the high-tech field law enforcement video recording equipment, meet the industry standard for grade A in the country one of the few A portable small law enforcement apparatus.Small volume, light weight, battery life under the same volume than their peers more than doubled, continuous video time up to 11 hours, higher than the similar Body Camera apparatus products. 2, the structure design of the professional Body Camera instrument shell adopts advanced two-color injection molding process, the plastic molding surface after full silicone injection molding, greatly enhance the resistance and wear resistance and drop height can reach 3.5 meters, is better than peers. 3, professional waterproof design, waterproof level IP68, to be satisfy use in all kinds of bad environment. 4, Police Body Camera using the American mainstream full hd chip, can transport a large number of pixel data, to realize the function of many excellent video, the video resolution up to 2304 x 1296 (30 frames), the real implementation of full hd highlight video shooting effect, much higher than 1920 x 1080 video resolution in the industry. 5, sensors in U.S. imports to Micron Technology (Micron) high efficiency and energy saving CMOS, taking pictures up to 7552 x 4248 pixels (32 million pixels), video processing effect is strong, colourful, even under the condition of low illumination can obtain high quality images of low noise.At present, the similar law enforcement recorder can't do that. 6, the infrared night vision, professional design, with six strengthen infrared lamp, in Dark night, under the condition of 10 meters will see facial features characters, 20 meters will see human silhouette, much better than similar products. 7, interstellar law enforcement equipment with functions of up to 35 minutes to register, and 20 minutes delay recording function; Starting a video or recording mode condition, the officer on duty when emergency press the video button can be captured by video before 35 minutes or video after 20 minutes of video files, favorable guarantee comprehensive shooting video.It is understood that the same kind of law enforcement recorder temporarily unable to meet the requirement. 8, the native video playback: up to 128 times fast forward, fast return, the first of the industry. In addition, the Senken Police Body Camera products also take the lead to achieve the extensible 4 g wireless transmission, GPS positioning, an external full hd cameras leading function. Senken Police Body Camera can well meet the requirements of a line on duty personnel, further standardize law enforcement provides a powerful guarantee!

    2015/12/22 14:56:27

  • Senken Police Body Camera won the award "2015 Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang"

    The Business Leaders Summit and the List of Top 2015 Enterprises of Zhejiang conference held in Hangzhou on October 12, 2015, Our products “single police public security law enforcement recorder”(Police Body Camera) won the title of "2015 Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang". "Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang" is Chosen by 50 relevant industry associations, the joint committee, on the basis of enterprise voluntary application, hire industry well-known industry experts and scholars as the judges, the primaries, experts rate, runoff, and the social public, and so on program selection and the authority and impartiality. Senken products to stand out from the crowd won, fully illustrates the Senken’s power and investment in product innovation. Police Body Camera through perfecting the upgrade, now we have the fourth generation of products, integrating the video, pictures, audio, and other functions, feature to be light and convenient, the image is clear, long life, infrared night vision, snap shoot, video record, waterproof the earthquake, the password to unlock, motion detecting and the remote positioning, wireless transmission and other characteristics, Police Body Camera widely used in public security, traffic police, urban management, highways and other departments, to further standardize law enforcement provides a powerful guarantee

    2015/12/22 14:50:01

  • What is the Anti riot shield?

    Senken group co., LTD. Specializes in light and siren, police anti riot shields, police heating suit, police obtain evidence equipment, vehicle-mounted mobile lighting, vehicle-mounted display screen equipment productions,Senken is a comprehensive cross-industry and diversified high-tech police equipment manufactory which has manufacture and sales integration.The product anti riot police shield which develop by Senken Group has passed the standard GA422-2003 for riot shield We offen see the anti riot shield in crime movie.What is riot police shield?Riot police shield refers to the armed police, or riot police riot army used a similar to the medieval shield defense equipment, used to push each other in the process of riot and protect themselves, can withstand the hard objects, blunt and unknown liquid, also can withstand bullets at low speed, but can't resist the explosion fragment and high-speed bullet. As a modern riot police riot shields common defense equipment.Its specific structure including shield and handle plate.Shield's normally is convex circular arc form, or a curved rectangle, handle plate through fitting fixed connection on the back of the shield, The plate has buckle strip and hand grip. As a anti riot shield manufactory, Senken Group develop and produce a series of police and millitary equipment. Police riot shield material usually use poly carbonate, the high quality PC material, lightweight materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy material.Riot shields can effectively prevent the cutting tool, sticks and stones, to protect themselves, cover the policeman to forward, evacuation and blocking the other side criminals rush or other actions. Riot shields is the best choice protective equipment of law enforcement personnel.

    2015/6/4 8:41:18

  • LED Search Light Equipment Performance

    LED search light equipment is a kind of light equipment that can satisfy needs of lighting project car, scout car and breakdown lorry of railway, electronic, police-use, steelworks and petrochemical works in nighttime. This equipment can be used to illuminate all directions and long distance in all different working environments. This kind of light search equipment has following advantages: Police-use searching light equipment mainly refers to its illuminate distance, illuminate resource, durable, two kinds wireless controller and intelligent protection. 1、Illuminate distance Police use searching light equipment has special lighting colors design, which makes it high reflection, high light condensing and the 1200 meters illuminating distance. 2、Illuminate light resource The police use searching light uses the import bulbs, made of titanium alloy, tungsten filament and halogen, or the high-quality car use xenon big lamp. It can fully use car, boat or any other long tern use of high capacity of battery of machine equipment and also use high capacity battery illuminate. 3、Durable Police use searching light use the outer of import harden materials, which enable the product to have features of high resistance to strong collision, high shockproof and shock resistant ability. Full sealing craft design can be use in storm days and strong wave impact. The product is in lightweight, and has a special fold construction, which enables lamp can turn off the lamp head when drive in a high speed by decrease air resistance. The Magnetic adsorption of lamp makes the product become a unit, which ensures safety of user. 4. Two kinds of controller Police-use searching light uses two kinds of controller: wire control and wireless remote control. It uses the remote controller to control illuminate intensity. According to real needs to adjust the orientation, lamp head has the features of no inertia, accurate and the lamp head, which can rotate for 360°, 180°in vertical, in order to achieve all direction illuminating search. 5、Intelligent protection Microcomputer chip protection refers to when input power supply too high or too low, the lamp will automatic cut down the illuminate output. After the power supply goes back to normal range, the lamp will illuminate again. More information please paying attention to Senken police-use equipment

    2015/4/14 9:17:19

  • Mainly Internal Unit Accessory of Light Bar

    The internal unit accessories of light bar are mainly consists of three unit accessories: 1.Chip power supply circuit: Because the power for CPU is 5V, and therefore it needs to reduce the input voltage 12V or 24V to 5V. The product uses alternatingly both resistor divider and voltage stabilizing diode in order to gain the stable 5V voltage with Filter capacitor and to provide stable working voltage for CPU. 2. CPU control unit: CPU can control multichannel light bar and gain the multiple flashing mode through computer programing. The CPU of the product have characterizes of low output, small volume and stable performance. CPU outputs the stable current in order to achieve the control of flashing. 3. Light bar driving unit: Light bar driving unit uses the high-power MOS tube, which can drive different LED. Because the resistance of MOS tube is quite small, it acquire characterizes of small heat generating, stable performance and not easy to be damage. More information please pay attention to Senken police-use equipment.

    2015/4/14 9:14:07

  • VISIT from Serbia Representitives

    2015.3.25, Miss Vesna Salovic, the Serkin district headed of Serbia, Socialist Party members of Serbia, Mr. Milomir Premovic, the Serbia foreign ministry special consultant and Socialist Party members of Serbia, Mr. Slobodan Ivkovic, the Serkin district foreign affairs business and trade director, and Nenad Stoicovski, the secretary-general of the Serkin district came to Wenzhou for business observing. With the company of Serbia Wenzhou Chinese Business Association leader Mr. Chenchu, They came to Wenzhou and communicated with Senken, Aokang and other enterprise. The vise company president Mr. Xu Yini of our company communicated deeply with Serbia guests in order to promote mutual understanding. They unanimously thought that the actual circumstances of market investing and develop strategy of Senken toward oversea trade has the possibility of docked. Therefore, they hoped to keep closer contact with each other and try to gain the actual cooperation in the future day. City or district commercial bureau fully did its service function, and actively offered help for development of enterprise, and therefore Mr. Xu Yini is very grateful and hope can make Senken to be stronger and stronger by the communication bridge with foreign country that build up by of the government.

    2015/4/13 15:13:17

  • Strengthen police security police equipment to...

    Jingyongzhuangbei construction is an important basis for strengthening judicial capacity-building and the prosecutors of their own security, Jianhu Procuratorate party attaches great importance...

    2014/9/10 9:34:56

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