The tactical vest is upgraded again! Break the tradition, one-piece molding, quick release in one se

author:senken time:2021-09-22 11:19:25

1.   Laser cutting

Useing composite and laser cutting technology to perfect shape


2.   Hollow-carved design

Lightweight, invisible to wear

Use traditional hollow craftsmanship for the tailoring of tactical vests

Reduce excess fabric and weight burden on the premise of retaining complete functionality

Give the wearer more space to move



3.   "T" shaped area

Detailed division, focusing on heat dissipation

Form a gas circulation space to enhance moisture removal and heat dissipation with AFL cushion in the "T"-shaped area where sweat is easiest to wick away


4.   Modular

Integrated mounting, multi-effect compatibility

The waist comes with MOLLE system

Able to mount modules, compatible with a variety of accessory packages

Enough for daily commuting


5.   Innovative design

One-handed relief, one second to put on and take off

Use automatic magnetic tactical vest buckle

Can be opened, closed, put on and taken off with one hand

Improve wearing convenience


6.   Front vest

Easy to put on and take off without any restriction

Can be easily wear and adjusted to fit within 30s


7.   adjustable

Random adjustment, varies from person to person

Through the shoulders, side waist and front velcro

Achieve height and waist size adjustment to achieve a comfortable tight fit


Fast on and off

  Save more time for attendance

Lightweight | Integration | Module

  Wearing equipment butler

worth having!