You Are My Hero Is Too High! It Turns Out That The Chinese Special Police Equipment Is So Handsome!

author:senken time:2021-11-19 09:27:56

Recently, Xiaobian's moments was brushed by ''You Are My Hero''

SWAT doctor X, love and responsibility

Stable and attractive plot, which makes people go up, especially when a special police equipment appears, it makes the barrage crazy


One after another round up operations,

With nervous and exciting,

It is very handsome by the action of the special police in the play,

From the action we can see all the armor equipment,

We SENKEN has all these armor equipment


We cannot say it is the same,

But we can say that it is roughly the same

01 Bulletproof vest

S.W.A.T. full name is Special Weapons and Tactics

Most of them are involved in counter-terrorism, fighting against criminals with strong vitality etc

Be fully equipped

It can't be cumbersome
It must be well protected and integrated mount

So choosing the right equipment becomes inevitable


We can see its waist and back

All equipped with different equipment

You can pick up equipment at your fingertips for your needs

And the same is true of SENKEN bulletproof vest

Lightweight bulletproof vest


Comfortable and breathable

Five high-density EVA three-dimensional tailoring cushions are used in the front and rear panels to form a ventilation channel between the body and the vest, so as to achieve a good ventilation and heat dissipation effect.

Strong protection

The bulletproof plate is made of PE, which can reach the public security level 3 independent defense, and can defend against the 79-type micro-punch lead-core bullet

Integrated loading

It adopts eight-in-one service tactical panel, which can hold 4 pcs 79/92 type clip bags, 1 tear gas bag, 1 flashlight bag, 1 tool clamp bag, 1 handcuff bag, 1 swing stick bag and 1 sundries bag etc.

Quick release in one second

The shoulder strap and waist seal are made of military-standard engineering plastic quick-release buckle, which can be quickly removed in one second, even under blind operation.

Level 4/6 bulletproof vest


Integrated load

With MOLLE system, can be equipped with new police equipment, clip and other equipment accessories to meet the needs of different occasions

Multiple protection

It adopts the version design of the vest, which is composed of a jacket, a bulletproof layer, and a bulletproof layer. Different levels of bulletproof boards can be placed according to the needs.

Featured materials

The bulletproof layer is made of high-performance polyethylene fiber weft-free cloth + aramid, which is soft and thin but resistant; the bulletproof plate is composed of polyethylene fiber weft-free cloth layer + aramid weft-free cloth and ceramic pressure plate. , High density and strong protection

Quick release in one second

Both the shoulder strap and waist seal adopt automatic magnetic quick-release buckle

The bulletproof helmet of the protagonist in the play

Mostly the most streamlined and classic one

Just like this one of SENKEN

02 Helmet 

FDK2F-SK02-L Bulletproof helmet


Featured materials

Laminated by Aramid, only 1.4kg, good strength and good quality

Wide protection coverage

The protection area is 1.45㎡, which can effectively protect the head safety

Personality adjustment

The inner lining and the "three-point" fixed suspension belt structure are multiple adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the head

Protection level: II level

Use 1954 type 7.62mm pistol, 1951 type 7.62mm pistol (lead core), shooting distance 5m, maximum bullet mark height on the inner surface of the helmet is less than or equal to 25mm

In addition to this simple style

There are many integrated helmets in SENKEN

Can be equipped with lights and other equipment on the basis

Bulletproof helmet


Featured materials

Adopt PE or aramid material, with good strength and quality

Multi-effect protection

The exterior of the helmet is made of environmentally friendly polyurea paint, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, UV protection, waterproof and flame retardant, and multiple protections are safer

High protection performance

The protection level can reach the public security level II, III and NIJ IIIA level

03 bulletproof shield


Featured materials

Use high-performance PE

Strong protection

With a size of 900mm×520mm, the protection area is 0.47㎡, and the protection level is III.

Comes with observation window

Using 160mm×55mm, the light transmittance is 75.8%, and the battle scene can be clearly observed from the window


04 Broken Window Tool

When encountering a critical situation

A small broken window tool can quickly break the glass and open the rescue channel


Automatic glass breaker


Fully automatic hammering

The internal configuration of the automatic glass breaking circuit by pressing does not require any human effort, and the glass can be broken easily by attaching it to the window, which is convenient and quick

Break glass in one second

Built-in tungsten steel broken window head, hardness can reach HRC60, can easily break 15mm tempered glass in seconds

Convenient, scalable collection

Comes with two portable parts: portable and telescopic


Broken window attack head


Break glass in one second

The broken window head has a hardness of up to HRC60, small size, strong lethality, and can crush ≤20mm tempered glass in one second

Easy to use and flexible

Born to meet the requirements of actual combat, with a new mechanical baton, work together to achieve one-second window breaking

Snap design

Built-in spring card lock, easy to pick and place, can deal with the first time in an emergency