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DSJ-D8 Body Worn Camera new

DSJ-SKNC8A1 police body camera is high-tech video recording camera, a collaboration of video, photography and recording. Video images are clear, continuous video recording for a long time, unlocked with a password, waterproof and shock resistant. Widely used in public security, traffic police, urban management and other departments have provided a strong guarantee for further promoting the standardization of law enforcement.


Ambarella S5L Chipset

14-nm low-power CMOS process

Main Advantages

1.    Low power, long battery life

1)    With 1080P FHD video recording, the power consumption is about 0.8 watts, which is half of the A7 solution and 1/4 of the MTK solution. With the same capacity battery, DSJ-D8 can work for much longer time.

2)    3mA standby current for 4G/LTE module, 25 hours standby for video streaming.

3)    PWM charging technology can provide 2 Amp fast charging and avoid overheat which extends battery life significantly.

2.    Low bit rate, high definition.

1)   1080P (1512P Max) high definition remote live video can present much more details than 720p video. And H.265 main profile video encoding with low bitrate can provide you crystal quality live video even in weaker 4G signal area, for example, suburban district;

3.    Quick connecting, fast charging

1)    GPS can get active position within 25 seconds in open space from cold-start. Shut down after positioning, the device can get position in several seconds after it’s powered on again within 2 hours.

2)    802.11AC WI-FI module can provide transmission speed over 100Mbps.

3)    Improved LTE antenna provides better 4G signal and lower power consumption for remote live-viewing.

4)    Boot up in 4s.

5)    3 hours fast charging with charging cradle (3500mAh battery, 2A power adaptor);

4.    Better User Experience

1)    Small size (83.2*54.8*29.8mm), light weight (145g).

2)    IP68 waterproof level for mass production;

3)    Qualified waterproof speaker provides continuous good sound quality even it has been dipped into water.

4)    Better night vision effect is achieved by scattering glass to avoid flash light effect;

5)    High video resolution up to 1512P (2688x1512) with affordable bitrate;

6)    Customized logo can be burned into the record video;

7)    DeWarp function to correct image distortionHOV > 115 degree;

8)    Wide working temperature from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius; 8 hours recording time can be reached at -30 degrees Celsius with normal battery.

9)    Software and hardware design to ensure battery charging temperature not exceed the range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius, to prevent charging lithium and battery bulging, to avoid battery life shortened or scrapped.

10) Body camera will keep communication with PC even being switched into U-Disk mode. Battery volume and charging status are still available for display when video files are uploading. PC can send commands to body camera to free the U-Disk or shut down itself. With this feature, PC can connect unlimited body cameras for data collection.

5.    Artificial Intelligence (Face Recognition)

1) 4 core ARM Cortex A53 processors help implementing AI functions, for example, face recognition. It can support deep learning, faster and more accurate face recognition, and the face number can be up to 10,000 with local face database.

2) It can co-operate with cloud server for face recognition and comparison (under developing).

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