Ballistic Vest With Quick Release System Bulletproof Body Amor

author:senken time:2019-03-26 15:10:54

Ballistic Vest With Quick Release System Bulletproof Body Amor

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The jacket is made of 500D kodura + mesh lining, and the buckle is made of UTX buckle.

The bulletproof material adopts imported aramid fiber, which is stable, safe and reliable.

Bulletproof level is GA-2/GA-3, and bulletproof board is required for level 3 or higher.

The jacket weighs 1.43kg, the GA-2 grade weighs 3.4kg, and the GA-3 grade weighs 4.1kg.

Heat sealing process, good waterproof and UV resistance

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Bulletproof chip

The bulletproof vesting fabric is made of imported aramid yarn as raw material, and the aramid non-woven fabric with a surface density of 220g is superimposed. Compared with other bulletproof materials, the same bulletproof level has fewer bulletproof layers, and the bulletproof vest is lighter and softer, and the anti-elasticity is more stable. .

The bullet-proof chip adopts a black waterproof jacket heat sealing process to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof and ultraviolet-proof functions.

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Body armor front

The body armor jacket is made of 500D kodura fabric. It has the advantages of strong tear resistance, wear resistance and waterproof. Its fabric, color and function can be customized according to customer requirements.

The shoulders are superimposed and overlapped, which is easy to adjust and has a shoulder pad design. Even if you wear it for a long time, you will not feel tired and heavy.

The all-hanging MOLLE system can be installed at any time according to the requirements of the clip pocket, multi-function bag, etc., the installation and disassembly operation is simple and convenient.

With the latest four-wire quick release buckle system, it can be installed in one second for half a minute.


Body armor back

An emergency pull-up strap is added to the back of the bullet-proof vest, which makes it easy to move the wounded to fight for the wounded.

Behind the MOLLE system, operational packages can be installed according to operational needs.

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Body armor details

The quick release button is installed on the front chest position of the bulletproof vest, which is simple and convenient to operate.

There is a buckle on the left and right shoulders, which is the main tool for connecting the shoulder to the main body of the tactical vest. Compared with the previous installation of the bulletproof vest program, it is simple, easy to understand, convenient and fast, and requires no training.

A MOLLE system can be added to both sides of the side to install a tactical package.

The inner lining of the body armor is designed with a mesh module and fixed with a Velcro. It is detachable for easy cleaning and replacement. It is more comfortable, breathable and absorbs sweat after wearing for a long time.

The waist area is adjusted by the telescopic belt design elastic rope fixing method.