Senken is a new enterprise

Senken is a new enterprise with innovation as the main topic in its decades' development. With innovation we strike our way through the market; with innovation, we keep surveying our shortcomings and updating our orientation and layout; with innovation, we keep our pace with the society, our friends and employees. Being young means opportunities. In this case, we appreciate the excellent opportunities given the society and our friends. Because we are young, we will have more opportunities which will make good use of and devote our zealousness and sincerity to satisfying our customers.

Senken is a professional manufacturer
For over 30 years, we have been concentrating on our majority, engaged in the modernization of police equipments in China. Focused on quality and service, we realize our good goal for which we promise From the Largest to the Best recognized and trusted by the industry. From now on, Senken will always focus on one thing creating more value for our customers, partners and employees.


Senken is a developing company
In the past, we held together evry people in the company to strike our way to the goal of success, during which we used to suffer failure and also enjoy success consisting of the course of the development of Senken. In this course, we become strong and remain indifference to other's opinions; we learnt understanding and dedication. All of these is a strong support in the Senken culture and became the most valuable treasures of the company. With the career of development and unique culture and spirit of the company, we believe we will continue to develop and get ahead. Senken is the homestead where common dream will be realized, which we are to make a field enthusiastic, open, sincere, cooperative, innovative and equal.