The president of Senken Group CO., LTD Mr.Chen, who led the enterprise development from a small factory only manufacturing small lamps to the Leading Manufacturer of Emergency Warning Systems and Security Protection in China,made efforts with Sharp market insight and intelligence of management to lead Senken as an industry leader.He Invested real estate and service industries, and succeeded. He made outstanding contributions to guide Senken towards a higher goal.


Electronic Equipment Factory started manufacturing warning lamps and sirens and carrying out products order fairs on the nationwide.At the beginning of entering the makert,Senken obtained the clients’interests by high quality. In 1994, ten million was invested to bulid a new specialized factory and Professional and technical personnel were introduced,products were reshaped and upgraded, Provincial Foreign Affairs Offices were established, and became the largest and most professional manufacturer of warning lights and sirens in China, sales volume was the leading in the industry line.


Marking the enterprise not only big but also strong. In 1996,Senken launched the upgrading plan, ISO9002 Quality Management System was introduced, applicated patented products, Standardized enterprise management system was established. newly corporatation identity system was introduced and beginning brand strategy. Thereby,Senken realised a new development,14 Sales and service branches were established on he nationwide.Products approved CE certifiate and began exporting. Enterprise Party general branch was built.SenKen Magazine which injected more cultural flavor for SenKen was founded.


ERP information management platform was introduced into Senken,imported the latest ISO9001 (2000 version) quality management system. 40millon was invested to bulid luxurious office bulidings. Products techniques were prompted and realized the diversification of product structure.Begining to engage in civil defense, lighting, special vehicle modification and other fields.Exporting sales volume is more than 3 minllon. Beteiligung Zhong rui Consortium and accessing to initial capital operations.SenKen began to the group operation,2 independent production subsidiary branches,3 sales branches,14 Provincial Foreign Affairs Offices.Tereby,Senken achieved a qualitative leap.


Senken becomes the navigator in Police Security equipment production. Sales volume is the first for ten consecutive years.involved in the drafting of the national related products industry standards. Senken won the key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan title. Senken changed the name into “Senken Group Co.,Ltd”.Senken Investment Co.,Ltd begins to engage in Commerce, real estate, clothing, entertainment,software development and other fields. Startuping“SenKenLayouting of global strategy”,estableshing Trade Centers,beginning Worldwide Public relations tactics to achieve better development.