Cut Resistent Suit FGJK-SK01

author:senken time:2021-11-08 17:25:13


In the process of law enforcement, the staff of law enforcement agencies such as the public, prosecutors and judicial authorities did not have very complete and better defense measures when faced with the most vicious violent anti-law elements and numerous cold weapons threats; this resulted in the law enforcement personnel being vulnerable to injury and life safety in the work. No effective protection. Therefore, the protection of cold weapons is a very important topic for protecting the personnel of our country's law enforcement agencies.

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Adopt the new Cut-Tex PRO cut fabric

Protective certification by many testing institutions in Europe and North America


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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cut fabric

The cutting resistance meets the EN IOS 13997:1999 standard;

Puncture resistance meets EN 388:2016 standard level 4

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Protective material, wear resistance, bite resistance, tear resistance;

Abrasion resistance meets EN388:2016 level 4 standard;

Tear resistance meets EN388:2016 level 4 standard;

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The exterior adopts high-density matting pongee;

It greatly increases the concealment of the clothes

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The design is simple and beautiful, light and breathable;

It is breathable, comfortable and soft;






7 cut resistent suit.png


Authoritative quality and safety certification;

Strictly tested according to standards