Flame Resistant Organizational Gear

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Flame Resistant Organizational Gear

Flame Resistant Organizational Gear, namely fire protection system equipment, is a set of fire-resistant protective clothing developed and distributed by the Marine Corps in order to reduce individual burns and burns.


The first time the frog suit was put into actual combat was the 2003 Iraq War. Due to the hot weather in Iraq and the heavy operational load of the US soldiers themselves, heat dissipation has become a problem.


Even if some marines buy sweatshirts and wear them by themselves, the sweatshirts are easily ignited due to frequent bomb attacks, causing serious secondary injuries. In order to solve the problem of slow heat dissipation + difficult fire prevention, frog suits came into being.


With its comfortable body feel and excellent performance, the frog suit made its debut in the C position in the military. Not only the army, but now the police force also has frog suits. This new tactical frog suit like Interstellar has been upgraded again on the basis of the original frog suit performance! Flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant, cut-proof, quick-drying, antibacterial...Comprehensive protection, one piece in place!

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The frog suit is composed of tops and trousers. According to the Asian body shape and actual tactical needs, the ergonomic design is re-designed, which is more in line with the domestic special police combat use standards

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The front chest and back are made of knitted flame-retardant fabric aramid/LENZINGFR thermal protection fiber blended material, with permanent flame-retardant performance, clothing accessories are flame-retardant or high-temperature resistant materials, full body protection, superior performance

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