GOOD NEWS! Senken Group Co., Ltd was awarded the first batch of green factories in Wenzhou!

author:senken time:2021-11-30 09:19:58

In order to implement the national "dual-carbon" plan, implement the spirit of relevant documents of the province and city on accelerating the construction of green and low-carbon industrial parks and factories, speed up the construction of green manufacturing system, and lead the high-quality development of industry, Wenzhou City Economic and Information Bureau organized The recommendation of green manufacturing has been conducted through self-evaluation, preliminary evaluation, expert review and publicity. Recently, Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, Wenzhou Development and Reform Commission, and Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau jointly issued a document to announce the list of Wenzhou green manufacturing in 2021. Senken Group Co., Ltd was shortlisted and became the first batch of green factories.


On this basis, Senken Group Co., Ltd conducts inspections and certifications for clean production, greenhouse gas emissions, water balance and other requirements, and runs an energy management system. As the only corporate representative in Lucheng District, it participates in the provincial award evaluation.



The establishment and application of green factories can not only obtain relevant incentive policies, but more importantly, they can help companies ensure compliance operations by sorting out and identifying national, industry, and local laws, regulations, and standardization requirements, and at the same time analyze and optimize the company. Energy resource structure can reduce production costs, and in addition, it can also establish a good corporate image that is keen on environmental protection and public welfare and fulfills social responsibilities.