60 Police Vehicle READY!

author:senken time:2021-07-15 00:00:00

"Laser Lightbar"

"Transparent Message Sign"

Use the dual effects of light and shadow to interfere with fatigue-driving vehicles to prevent and reduce traffic accidents

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The laser lightbar can emit 2 high-power green laser lights, which produce a strong visual sense, and the effect is significant at night. It is matched with the red and blue double flashing warning lights to achieve eye-catching warning effects. It is suitable for highway inspections and high-speed fixed-point warnings. .

Long range, long-range warning

Using 3W high-power laser, the light is transparent and bright, and the range is more than 2 kilometers, which can realize the long-distance highlight warning effect.


Double warning, multiple choices

Whether it is a red-blue warning or a green laser warning, 5 different flashing modes are used. The combination of stroboscopic + regular appearance can be selected according to actual needs to give the driver a strong warning.


Scientific perspective, safety protection

The scientifically optimized included angle is adopted to keep the laser at an angle of 36° from the horizontal. At the same time, a built-in gyroscope is used. Once the vehicle's uphill angle exceeds 20°, the laser is automatically turned off without affecting the normal driving of the passing driver.

Car transparent Message Sign

The vehicle-mounted transparent display adopts the latest hollow-out technology, which is lightweight, thin, and high-brightness, with its own "stealth effect", which makes it easy to install! The displayed text/picture can also be controlled by the wireless system at any time, and can be modified arbitrarily to achieve publicity warnings and remind drivers to drive safely and drive in accordance with the law.

Message sign.png

The Message Sign is composed of 6 high-brightness LED display screens, which can be seen from 150m away in the light-emitting state, and can give the driver a high-bright warning reminder!

Wireless controllable

Built-in wireless routing function, you can use the mobile phone APP to achieve wireless control, according to the actual use, arbitrarily change the words/pictures, and give effective warnings to the fatigued drivers behind.

The transparency rate is as high as 55%. Under working conditions, you can clearly see the people behind the car from the rearview mirror, and the driving vision is unobstructed! Moreover, this is a suction cup fixed installation, no drilling is required, and the vehicle will not be damaged. It is convenient and more stable.