Multi-functional anti-riot arm shield, the cold weapon equipment that the majority of armed police l

author:senken time:2021-08-11 09:59:54

According to research findings, when a person came across a sudden attack, the first reaction is to use the arm to defend. Once the arm defense system is destroyed, the entire protection system is greatly reduced.




The arm shield is designed for this response. It is small in size, light in weight, comfortable to wear and integrated in offense and defense, which can greatly enhance the defense and counterattack power of front-line law enforcement personnel. Not only that, the current arm shield has multiple functions, integrating the functions of attack, defense, riot suppression, restraint, dazzling, and lighting, just like the multi-functional anti-riot arm shield of Senken

 arm shield.png

The front end of the arm shield is intimately designed with a strong dazzler. It uses a high-brightness LED light source with a central illuminance of 120 lumens. It can continuously illuminate for 30 minutes to solve the problem of limited vision and difficulty in law enforcement in a dim environment.


It also has a flash mode, in an emergency, aim at the opponent's eyes to achieve the effect of instant blindness.


strong protection

Using 6061 alloy aluminum with high hardness and high toughness, it is only 2mm thick and 1.96kg, with a light and thin texture. Strong protection, anti-knife, anti-knock, one-handed holding, more flexible and changeable use.



When being attacked by hard objects such as sticks, the shield can effectively resist and evenly disperse the striking energy to protect the safety of users.

At the same time, the inner side comes with an EVA cushion, which can greatly reduce the impact of the hit on the arm, and the protection ability is stronger!



In addition to self-defense, it can also take the initiative to counteract.

 Quick kill weapon


 arm shield (2).png


The front end of the arm shield is equipped with a curved groove, which can be used to control the opponent's arm and murder weapon when under attack, and at the same time, the murder weapon can be thrown out instantly by waving the arm to achieve the control effect.


 Elbow attack

 arm shield (1).png


In addition, you can also use the strength of the elbow, with a shield, to resist external attacks, while using the elbow to attack, lock the opponent, and block the opponent's range of action.


For anti-terrorism and emergency situations, the arm shield comes with a broken window attack head, which can break 15mm tempered glass in seconds, which is suitable for emergency needs in different occasions.