SG75-8600X Vehicle Mounted Lighting Equipment

author:senken time:2019-03-07 14:22:26

SG75-8600X fire-fighting mobile lighting device is a professional emergency lighting system designed for fire-fighting lighting vehicles. It has all-round lighting function of lifting and rotating. It adopts international leading design concept and manufacturing technology, and adopts the most advanced international technology. The high-power COB-LED is used as the main light source, and the luminaire optics is patented by the professional optical team.


The lighting device has the characteristics of wired controller and wireless remote control, automatic reset, convenient operation, large power, high brightness, wide irradiation range, long range, etc., which can be quickly enabled to provide high brightness lighting, providing emergency lighting for fire lighting, engineering emergency, disaster response, police field and other applications.



1. System working voltage: DC12V

2. Lamp working voltage: AC220V

3. Lamp power: 600W*8

4. Lamp working current: ≤22A

5. Rotating working current: ≤ 2A (max)

6. Horizontal rotation angle: 380°

7. Vertical rotation angle: 180°

8. Horizontal and vertical rotation speed: 4r/min

9. Luminous flux: 500000lm

10. Working environment temperature: -30 ° ~ 55 °

11. Lamp switch mode: two sets of lamps are separately controlled

12. Lamp lighting form: floodlight

13. Lamp source type: LED

14. Control mode: distribution box panel, wired controller, wireless remote control

15. Remote control distance: ≥150 meters, powered by three 7th dry batteries

16. Protocol control mode: RS485 control interface (built-in)

17. Agreement address: 05

18. Baud rate: 9600

19. Lifting power: pneumatic

20. Spring wire: external

21. Lifting rod height: 7.5M

22. Lifting rod closing height: 1.76M