Senken Training Shoes

author:senken time:2021-07-30 16:44:14

This training shoe is divided into spring and autumn models and summer models.

The spring and autumn tops are designed with three-dimensional mesh warp knitted fabric and microfiber synthetic leather, while the summer tops are composed of double-layer composite fine-grain canvas and microfiber synthetic leather.

Taking into account the toughness of the material and the superior breathability, it can effectively take away the heat, keep the shoes dry, and wear more comfortable and not stuffy.

The insole is made of hemp-polyester blended honeycomb fabric, compounded with antibacterial high-elastic polyurethane foam material, soft and elastic, and good foot feeling

Comes with antibacterial and deodorant buff

Shoes with laces, there is always a trouble, that is, the laces will get loose.

This shoelace is specially designed for strong friction and not easy to disperse

The bottom surface adopts scientific anti-skid texture, one by one seems to be simple and convex, but has a strong grip, even if it rises about 45° on the smooth surface, it can still not move.

The sole is composed of a rubber outsole and an EVA foamed midsole, which greatly improves the stability and cushioning of the shoe, while having strong resilience performance