Tactical Broken Window Ladder

author:senken time:2021-12-17 14:37:37

At present, terrorist activities at home and abroad are rampant. Some terrorists commit crimes on city buses, long-distance passenger buses, and passenger trains, which seriously affect public order and threaten people’s lives and property. For example, the Hong Kong hostage incident in Manila in 2010 caused serious consequences due to the lack of a climbing tool that can help anti-terrorists quickly enter the vehicle.


The SENKEN’s Ladder is specially developed for special police, especially suitable for breaking the car window glass quickly when a vehicle hijacking occurs. The top is equipped with a tension spring excitation device, when the front-end probe touches the target glass, the tension spring is automatically activated and breaks the glass. A directional blasting device can also be selected to break special glass. It uses flexible rubber to make the top and bottom pads to avoid making noise when in use. It is fast, lightweight, fully foldable, and can be unfolded for use in a few seconds.

At the same time, the tactical broken window ladder can be tied to a harness after being folded, and can be transported and used by one person. And has a variety of functions, the hook-type device on the top can be used to jump over vertical obstacles, and can be quickly configured to jump over barbed wire mesh. The unique design of the short platform on the bottom surface can ensure that the combat team members stand stably, which is suitable for broken-window combat when the vehicle is moving.


Product advantages

1.  Made of special aluminum alloy for the aerospace industry.

2. The hook type device can hang the ladder firmly on the window edge.

3. Add a sturdy bottom short platform, which can be quickly disassembled when not needed.


Technical parameter


Height after deployment: 1.46 meters

Height after folding: 0.9m

Width: 0.4 meters

Weight: 9 kg

Material: special aluminum alloy

Carrying weight: 600 kg