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  • SENKEN lighting tower
  • SENKEN lighting tower
  • SENKEN lighting tower
  • SENKEN lighting tower
CFB Series Vehicle Mount Light Tower

SENKEN This site scan is mainly applied for installation on the roof of cars, special vehicles,etc. For its small performance, it's fairly suitable for installation on the roof of small size vehicles.


Production Description:


1. The 1m G3 LED roof mounted light tower features light weight that means less fuel consume of your vehicle.
Only 23kg .quickly deployment and more practical applicability

2. Can be unfold vertically by self-contained pneumatic air-compress kit ,use vehicle battery DC12V.
The lamphead can be rotate and tilt by the remote controller position which is small size handhold ,easy
to operate.


3.long life time

High intensity material anodised aluminum T6063-T6 ,all fastens use stainless steel and sealed housing
that is corrosive resistant and IP65 seal housing suitable for rain and wind situation.



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