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CJG122250 1.2 Meter High Series Vehicle Roof Mounted Folding Night Scan Light Tower

SENKEN 1.2 meter high series vehicle roof mounted folding night scan light tower CJG122250


Production Descirption:



The Site scan 1.2m series is most simple version by fixing the rotating platform directly to the mast, with only the up-down function of from 0 degree to 90 degree to realize the completing searching position and lighting function, fairly suitable for installation on the roof of small and medium size vehicles like Cars, Pickuptrucks to deal with the small size accident scene and emergency lighting ect.

The equipment lighting power can be selected from 70Watts to be 2000Watts. When a 70Watts or a 150Watt lamp is fitted, the lamp power can be supplied from the vehicle battery directly.

A camera and antenna equipment could be assembled according to customers requirement to increase the safety and improve the performance.

Standard Configurations:

Includes wired controller and remote controller, daily maintenance tools.

Suggested Applications:

Traffic Accident Investigation  

Criminal Scene Investigation

Electric power repair

Roadway Spot construction

Municipal Repair



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